One Love

it starts with you

An aromatic blend made with the energetic frequency of unconditional love; used for the development of self love, self esteem, and self confidence so deep, you attract loving vibrations throughout all areas of life.


About Our Candles

Additional Information

Rose Witch Magic's fixed candles, oils, baths, teas, and spell work materials have been ritually prepared with specific prayers, intentions, botanicals, herbal blends, powders, and oils. 

RWM candles are hand blended and hand poured with highly spiritual intentions, blessings, and prayers to open up etheric gateways for divination. 

Our products lift the veil between the physical and spirit world, forming a bridge between spirit and the divine. 

Our candles are used as tools to open and close portals and rituals, they carry prayers to the cosmos. 

Any dream, goal, desire, or intention is supported by a candle sending messages directly to the spirit realm. 

Custom RWM products will be dressed with sigils, intentional statements, herbs, oils and anointed with crystals to manifest what you seek or something better. 

Fixed candles may be customized for Rosebuds at an additional charge. 

We love and respect our Earth, we honor her daily. 

RWM candles are meant to be repurposed once they have burned down as vases for holding fresh or dried flowers. 

Use it as a filter for DSLR or phone photography, turn it into a spell jar, store petition paper on your altar, house incense sticks, or collect rainwater to charge under the Moon. 

We know our Rosebuds will find many possibilities to recycle the magical glass. 

They have been too powerfully charged to be thrown away. 

How to use RWM Candles


Each candle is fixed and dressed with herbs to match the purpose of your intention.

  • Think and write your intentions on petition paper while calling in the element of air.
  • Deeply feel the emotions behind your intentions as you write while calling in the element of water. 
  • Add the petition paper under the candle with appropriate dressings while calling in the element of earth.
  • Burn the candle until the flames from the candle melts down calling in the element of fire.

Fire Safety

  • Do not place a lit candle near anything flammable and follow the 2 ft rule. 
  • Extinguish RWM candles when you leave a room or before going to sleep or if the flame gets too close to the candle holder or container. 
  • Remember to practice fire safety Rosebuds! Never leave a burning candle unattended and keep candles away from anything that may catch fire.

For Your Information

Easy to follow instructions on how to use each item will come with your purchase.

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